Pictures from Centro

Dan Bodoh dan.bodoh at
Tue Apr 29 11:29:13 EDT 2008


I've been digging into how to get my pics off Centro, and learned a few things.

1.  Without a microSD card, using FileZ, I show Hidden volumes and the
'/BUILTIN' card shows up.  Pictures are in '/BUILTIN/DCIM/Palm  (Palm
is the default album, but can be replaced with any user-given album

2. Without a microSD card, I couldn't get pilot-xfer to see this
filesystem with any form

3. After installing and formatting a microSD card, I could now see two
card with pilot-xfer -C: 'BUILTIN' (card 0) and 'dancard' (my microSD,
card 1).  Using pilot-xfer, I could list the contents of both and
browse both.

4. Removing microSD card, and of course I can no longer see it with
pilot-xfer.  But surprisingly, I can still see 'BUILTIN' with
pilot-xfer.  I have not done a reset, so I suppose whatever flag was
originally hiding BUILTIN is still unset.

5.  All this work was done with the Ubuntu packaged pilot-xfer (Ubuntu
8.04).  So I downloaded the source.  Haven't successfully built it yet
(complains about not seeing my '-p usb:').  But I did take a peek at
the code (well, the comments at least).  Perhaps this is what's
breaking pilot-xfer for a non-carded Centro:

02156 * As a special case, /dir/ is mapped to /card1/dir/ if
02157 * there is only one card.

So on a centro with no microSD, there is only 1 "card", and it should
be mapped to '/BUILTIN'.  This of course doesn't explain why
pilot-xfer works after I remove the microSD.

Seems to me that this is a dangerous thing to do.  On the Centro at
least, I can give that card any name I want to (like '/dancard').
Maybe this wasn't possible on Treos?

6.  So if this bug can be fixed, pilot-foto-centro will basically be
the same as pilot-foto-tre650.  Maybe instead of a hardcoded path in
pilot-foto-treo650, one could have a command-line option for the path?

7.  Any thoughts on a FUSE implementation of VFS over pilot-link?
With that "tickle" thing in dlpsh, I think maybe a FUSE implementation
could work, and be a general solution to VFS syncing.  However, I
really don't know much about either FUSE or the VFS api.

Dan Bodoh



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